We’re never too old to lead the way

For many people, access to university degree remains a pipe dream for life. But it appears that someones in Texas are not comfortable with that.

It is about Janet Fein, an old lady who has challenged conventionalities, and even just common sense as some people seem to think. Recently, a shiny new 84-year-old bachelor left with honour the walls of the University of Texas in Dallas.

Walk of life

Her life has been more than productive, given the need to take care of five children and combine this with work up to 77. However, well-deserved retirement didn’t turn out to be the line beyond which she could gain the peace of mind and contemplation.

She is not accustomed to sitting back and talk about stuff spending her time. In short, one fine day, she found that, as a matter of fact, she’s more interested in sociology than bingo.

She started her career in New York after graduating from school. The 16-year-old secretary of the dressmaking business owner seemed to have hit a ceiling of her opportunities.

So all she had to do was an only marriage what she had done successfully for almost two decades within the house and surrounded by her 5 children. After that, she had to work in a few places until fate allowed her to end up in Dallas. As a result, the local hospital found its secretary for a 20-year period, allowing her to obtain an associate’s degree in 1995 and retire in 2012.

According to Fein, it has become necessary to catch up. In fact, her happiness lies not in hobby games or talks about weather report. It turns out that happiness is reading books, writing articles and learning new things.

In this context, the Government Programme could not have come at a better time for those 2,000 ones cherishing the old dream and who dared to fill their educational gap in the State of a Single Star after 65 years of life for free.

At the same time, not only Texas grandparents thirst for knowledge. Altogether, it is estimated that about slightly less than one per cent of such students registered in the United States. And what’s more, studying at this age, according to the doctors, is a kind of a user initiating and rejuvenating effect for the body.


Say what you like, but maintaining such a lifestyle for being successful in tackling the goal of education at such an old age, that means a lot.

Of course, not everything went smoothly. From time to time the health problems made themselves felt. Everything happened, and, probably, we’ll never know about it. In order to reach the cherished goal, she had to overcome the final leg using online classes.

And she did it. As a clear example of a challenge to sceptics. And, in the words of her college advisor, she continued her progress, in spite of everything.

Interestingly, in addition to everything, she always made time for classmates. And her memories and evidence of some milestone events greatly enriched and revived the formal information on the subject.

In any case, Fein has set a good example of how persistence and self-confidence help to overcome any barrier faced by people when they want to achieve the aim pursued. Her carer, inspired by Fein, intends to pursue a career after 50, by deciding to apply for the nursing school.

And finally

From the current findings, most of the educational institutions express their intention to waive education for the elderly for the following reasons:

  • lack of information;
  • lack of places on courses;
  • instructor’s permission;
  • income limit.